More About Me

I guess you could say I am from West Palm Beach, which is located on the Atlantic coast of the state of Florida, USA. At least that is where my parents now live and it is my official residence. I am a born US citizen. However, because of my father's employment I have lived primarily outside the USA for most of my life.

I have lived in New Zealand (Wellington), Canada (Vancouver), and in Scotland (Glasgow), which is of course part of the UK.

I attended high school in Glasgow (city centre pictured left) and played on the school football (soccer) team. I am a true football (soccer) enthusiast and miss it very much now that I'm living back in the States. (Yes, I know its also in the States but its not the same thing.} I also regularly swim, run, and since early teens I've been into Thai Boxing. My father insisted that I learn it. One summer I even attended a Muay Thai boxing camp in Thailand. I am now at a level where I could teach, but I have no time except for practice. In Thailand, I also learnt to meditate, which is something I feel everyone should learn and practice. I have been playing the bagpipes since I was about 12 years old, I played in the school Pipe Band. I have played at various gatherings.

I love animals; so over the years I have spent time as a volunteer in various animal shelters and on an SPCA Animal Rescue Unit. I am now a veterinary medical student at a university in the American Northeast.

West Palm Beach, or "West Palm", is a municipality of about 100,000 people. It is the “county seat” or administration centre for Palm Beach County, Florida. It is the home of some of the wealthiest families in America. Private mansions line the shoreline with public beaches squeezed in here and there. Some of the mansions are palatial. West Palm is a very pleasant community.

West Palm has a "vibrant" new downtown centre, City Place (pictured left). Of course, the beaches along the Atlantic are great. West Palm is also not far from Disney World (love it), Miami’s South Beach (love it even more), and Cape Kennedy (interesting, I guess). The weather is perfect during the winter. But as it is, I’m mostly "up North" (as Floridians say) during the winter. As for the summers in West Palm, they are ~~hot~~. (I be talk'n about the temperatures.)

So, that's a bit more about me and my new "hometown." West Palm is quite nice but I didn't grow up there. It's OK, but me heart and many friends are in Glasgow. You can see some really nice music videos about Bonnie Scotland on
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