Atopica for Dogs: For Skin Allergies in Dogs

Atopica for dogs is a new, popular and commonly prescribed medication for skin allergies in dogs, specifically for atopic dermatitis or dogs allergic to airborne allergens. It contains cyclosporine, a drug that suppresses the immune system. It is not a cure and may not remove all symptoms of dog allergies but is highly effective with the symptoms of a dog skin allergy. In these cases it may substantially improve your dog’s enjoyment of life. It takes about four weeks for this medication to take full effect. Because of this, cortisone for dogs or a closely related steroid may be given for immediate relief while testing and diagnosis takes place. Because of the advantages of Atopica over cortisone for dogs, Atopica is often selected for treating skin allergies in dogs and often after initial attempts in identifying and removing the allergen have failed, or when the allergen cannot be completely removed from the dog’s environment.

A daily dosage will be required to control dog allergies symptoms. It is normally given once a day at first, in time it is often tapered down to once every other day, every third day, or less.

Atopica for dogs is usually very well tolerated; however dogs should be monitored for side effects. Some dogs do experience upset stomach, vomiting, or diarrhoea. However, most dogs have no problem with this drug. Also, be aware that if the dog is still exposed to the allergen and the drug is stopped, it is likely your dog will have a bounce-back reaction and feel the allergy again. Atopica is a treatment for a symptoms of allergies in dogs, it is not a cure. Once started, this prescription medication may need to be continued indefinitely or until the allergen can be identified and removed from the dog’s environment.

Officially, Atopica is not FDA approved for cats. Nevertheless, veterinary dermatologists say that Atopica is extreme well tolerated in cats and that it is very effective in treating a variety of diseases including Atopy, food allergies, and miliary dermatitis. Like all medications for the treatment of symptoms of allergies in dogs or of skin allergies in dogs, a certain amount of trial and error with alternatives may be needed to determine an appropriate treatment for your specific dog. Not all dogs should take Atopica; dogs less than four pounds in weight, dogs that are reproducing, and dogs with a history of malignant neoplasia should not take this medication. That said, many family veterinarians and vet dermatologists have found Atopica for dogs to be a superior treatment for the symptoms of allergies in dogs.