Remedies for Dog Allergies

Remedies for dog allergies are the methods and medications used in allergy symptom relief and for the general treatment of allergies in dogs that may be recommended and prescribed by your family veterinarian or veterinary dermatologist.

Common Sense Tips: These are some ideas that many find very helpful in dealing with a dog with allergies. Medicine may be lessened and at times eliminated with these common sense ideas, time-tested and proven effective. These techniques are meant to be used in conjunction with (and not to replace) regular veterinary care.

Allergy Diagnosis is a process and an art. Although each case is different, read what may typically happen when your family veterinarian (for easy cases) or veterinary dermatologist (for more than easy cases) goes through the process of diagnosing your dog.

Canine Antibiotics are used to eliminate skin infections that sometimes develop when a dog has skin irritation due to an allergy. For proper use read the Four Principles in Administering Antibiotics.

Antihistamine for Dogs is an important tool in controlling allergy symptoms in dogs including skin itching. It is sometimes used alone and also in conjunction with other medications.

Atopica is a new wonder drug that is considered a major advance in providing comfort for allergy-tormented dogs. It is usually well tolerated. Atopica is sometimes used for long-term symptom control at times in conjunction with other medications.

Dog Steroids are highly effective. They are a medication used for the immediate relief of allergy symptoms, including intense itching. Unfortunately, steroids have serious side effects that should be understood. Nevertheless, steroids are an important medication used in special situations.

Dog Allergy Test: The Blood Work & Skin Test are performed by veterinary dermatologists prior to the administration of allergy shots. We discuss these tests so you may know what to expect.

Allergy Shots for Dogs: The goal is to desensitize a dog from the allergens causing allergenic reactions. The shots are inconvenient and expensive, but they are the only way to cure Inhalant Allergies. Allergy shots have advantages and disadvantages; and they usually works, but sometimes they do not.